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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked QuestionsWhat are the hours of the Library Learning Commons? 
What is the library's Food and Drink Policy?
Do I need a Library card?
How many books and periodicals may I check out?
How long may I keep library materials?

What are the overdue fines?
What if I lose what I have checked out? 

What if my campus does not have the resources I need?
Can I print or make copies?
What else is available in the library?
How do I access the campus wireless network? 
What are
the Library Internet Use Guidelines?

What are the hours of the Library Learning Commons?    
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During the academic school year our hours of operation are 8:15 am to 9:00 pm Mondays - Thursdays, and from 8:15 am to 4:30 pm on Fridays.  (except during holidays and campus closures)  Please note:  Our Library staff are available during the hours of 8:15 am - 4:30pm 


What is the library's Food and Drink Policy?     back to top
You may bring library-friendly drinks and snacks into the NBCC Library. Covered drinks--travel mugs, bottled drinks with caps, lidded cups--are library-friendly.  Snack items such as packaged crackers, cookies, pretzels, granola bars, nuts, raisins, M & Ms, etc. are allowed when consumed responsibly.  Fast food items or meals, please eat outside the Library. We want to promote sustainability and operate in an environmentally-friendly manner, we respectfully request that you leave no trace. When you leave, throw away or pack out your trash from food and drinks.

Do I need a library card?     back to top
All students and staff wanting to check out material must have a valid NBCC photo ID.   The Photo ID's are taken at the Library/Learning Commons at each campus.   We reserve the right to suspend or revoke library privileges for any patron guilty of theft or misuse of library materials. 

How many items can be checked out?      back to top
Students and staff may check out up to 5 items at a time.  Patrons are responsible for the safety, proper use and return of all materials.


How long may I keep library materials?     back to top
Books and magazines may be checked out for 2 weeks, except for Reference materials, which do not circulate except by special permission from the Library Coordinator. 

What are the overdue fines?      back to top
We do not have overdue fines.  Each patron is responsible for the timely return of checked out material.  You may renew your items as long as no other requests have been made for the items.   If the materials are not either renewed or returned we reserve the right to place a hold on your account.  All accounts must be cleared before a student will have access to view marks, receive a transcript, or register for the next term. 

What if I lose a book or magazine?      back to top
Please contact the Library Coordinator to discuss the replacement cost for lost or damaged items.

What if my campus does not have the resources I need?     back to top
Our library catalog connects the collections of all six campus’ allowing users to search all collections and request inter-campus loans.   We also offer over 60 databases that are accessible anytime from anywhere.

Can I print or make copies?      back to top
Patrons may print from any computer using your print credits.   Print credits are issued to each student in September and January, if you run out of credits more can be purchased at the campus bookstore.   Your balance can be checked by logging into Brightspace.     

What else is available in the library Commons?      back to top
Although each Library Learning Commons may be set up a bit differently each campus offers computers and printing access which includes scanning and photocopying.  Our Library catalog "Destiny" connects the collections of all six campus' allowing you to search all collections and request inter-campus loans.  Most of our locations offer quiet areas to study and a place to work in groups.  Stop by and check out the space and meet the staff.   We are here to help you succeed.    

How do I access the campus wireless network?     back to top
Log in using your student id and password.  If you need any further assistance please contact the I.T. Department at your specific campus.    

What are the Library Internet Use Guidelines?     back to top
NBCC's Library Internet Guidelines are provided for students to support their educational needs and for faculty and staff to support their professional activities.  All users are responsible for using the Internet in an effective, efficient, ethical, and lawful manner and are expected to adhere to applicable copyright and fair use laws. Internet access is a privilege, not a right, and as such can be withdrawn from those who use it irresponsibly.  The I.T. department monitors all electronic activities to ensure computers are appropriately being used. 

During busy periods, library staff maintain the right to ask anyone using computer network resources for non-classroom purposes to relinquish the computer to students who need it for research purposes.

Failure to follow the NBCC Computing Services policy may result in disciplinary action or loss of library privileges.