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Printing & Print Credits

Print Credits

  • In September and January, full-time students receive 3750 credits and part-time students receive 2000 credits.
  • Credit balance can be checked here or in Brightspace and SIMS.
  • Additional credits can be purchased from your bookstore. *Exception: Student Services on the Fredericton Campus. 500 credits costs $5.


Everyone given a 500 credit overdraft with reminder emails being sent when your balance is below 1000 credits. Credits carry over from term to term and for academic years. They will carry over until a student graduates or has not been at NBCC for more than one year.


How to Use your Print Credits Wisely

Printing an article or information from a website

Use one of the following free websites that will remove ads and wasted space saving you credits.
Simple Print: A free service intended to be an easy way to produce printable PDFs from web articles.

Print Friendly: PrintFriendly cleans and formats web pages for perfect print experience. It removes ads, navigation and web page junk, so you save paper and ink when you print. It's free and easy to use.

Print Preview

Select Print from the File menu, this will provide a print menu with a preview of your print job.  Previewing allows you to check your paper size, margins, font size, look for blank pages and make sure everything looks the way you want it. 

To change or reduce the size of your margins. Under the menu tab Page Layout, select Margins

Print Double Sided

When possible, print your pages double sided. This can cut your paper usage in half and save on print credits. 

To print double sided select print, under settings select double sided. 

Print Multiple Pages Per Sheet

Printing multiple pages on one sheet works well when printing PowerPoint presentations slides. You can select from two to eight slides on a page and combine this with double side.  After selecting the number of slides you want on page, remember to preview to check your layout. 

To print multi page select print, under setting select pages per slide. 

Print Using Grayscale

Often your documents will have color or complex backgrounds/graphics. Using grayscale, multiple slides per page and double side will help reduce the size of your print job and greatly save you print credits.

Under Print Settings choose the following:

  • Under Slides select Handouts (3 slides per page)
  • select Print Both Sides
  • select Grayscale
Sharing Documents

Another option to printing or photocopying is scanning. Scanning doesn't cost print credits and having an electronic file system is great way to store your documents for later use or share a document with someone else. 



Printing Problems

Getting Started/Activating your account 
Wireless/WIFI access 
Printer Installation Instructions
Online help

Consult your campus IT Department
In-person: Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm

IT Dept. Location Printer Name
Fredericton Campus
Room A1009


Miramichi Campus
Room A-B027
Moncton Campus
Room A2141
Saint John Campus
Room C1003
St. Andrews Campus
Room A2210
Woodstock Campus
Room A1200