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Streaming Videos: Subscriptions

National Film Board

Aboriginal Peoples in Canada Food and Food Industries Politics and Government
Animals Geography and Geology Sciences
Arts Health and Medicine Social Issues
Cultural Diversity and Multiculturalism History of Canada Technology
Environment and Conservation Media and Communication Tourism
Film and Video Arts Music Women

Students: On and off campus accessibility to thousands of films and other media. Additionally, students can view playlists and chapters, created and shared by an educator.

Educators can access everything that students do, as well as all the tools and resources that make CAMPUS unique. After following the link provided to you for an educator account, select NBCC Fredericton and create your account.

Accessibility Information
Many NFB films are available with closed captioning and/or described video. More information is available on their webpage.

Montie SafetyCare

For over 25 years Safetycare has been helping organizations protect their most valuable asset; their people. 14 categories with several videos in each category. Available both on and off-campus

Behavioral Safety Hazardous Substances
Falls and Heights Manual Handling
Fire Awareness Office Safety
First aid and Welfare Personal Protection
Forklifts and Cranes Safety Basics
Hand and Power Tools Vehicles and Plant
Hazardous Environments Welding Safety

Movies at NBCC

Audio Cine Film video collection offers classics, popular and new releases for our NBCC use. Hundreds of movies to choose from, additional titles are added on a monthly basis.

  • Available on campus only and must be used with Google Chrome.
  • No login required.
  • Closed captioning available.