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Films / Videos

We offer collections: National Film Board, Videatives and SafetyCare collections are available both on and off site. We recommend using Chrome or Edge

National Film Board

National Fim Board link

National Film Board’s video service for the classroom offers a wide range of subject areas that take a stand on issues of global importance that matter to Canadians—stories about the environment, human rights, international conflict, the arts and more.

Students: On and off campus accessibility to thousands of films and other media. Additionally, students can view playlists and chapters, created and shared by an educator.

Educators can access everything that students do, as well as all the tools and resources that make CAMPUS unique.  Log in for an educator account, search for New Brunswick Community College, select your campus and create your account.

Videatives make general principles of child development and early education come to life. Learn to "see what children know" through observation. Available both on and off campus. 

Occupational Health & Safety videos help organizations protect their most valuable asset: their people. Available both on and off campus.

links to NBCC safetyCare videos