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Testing Services

Accommodated Testing

Testing accommodations are available for students with an Individual Accommodations Plan (IAP) that identifies a need for extra time, a reader, scribe, different testing format, etc. If you think you may benefit from accommodated testing, but do not have an IAP, please contact your Learning Strategist or visit Academic Coaching and Learner Services for more information. 


To Book Testing Accommodations:

For students with testing accommodations identified on their IAP, you will need to fill out the form below (or follow the link: Test Accommodations Format least 3 business days before your test. We will notify you via email to confirm your accommodations request or to clarify your needs for the test.

Book your Test in Advance

Tests must be booked 3 work days in advance. Note that statutory holidays are not work days, so you must book an extra day in advance if there is a holiday.