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Get Tutoring / Become a Tutor

NBCC offers every current student up to 3 hours of tutoring per week at no cost. Additional session hours can be purchased at the student’s expense. Note: In some cases, you may be eligible to receive additional session hours with a recommendation from your Learning Strategist

Does this describe you? Consider a tutor

  • Struggling in a subject
  • Having trouble with written assignments
  • Need extra course review
  • Looking for help preparing for exams
  • Want to improve your study skills


NBCC offers two tutoring services that can help

Nimbus tutoring is course-based tutoring from peers or professionals. Tutoring is booked through the Nimbus app where you can choose in-person or virtual (Zoom) sessions. Note: While booking is through App only, Zoom sessions can take place by both Zoom App or computer web browser. Weekly free hours run from Sunday at 12:01am to Saturday at 11:59pm. 

TutorMe tutoring is general subject tutoring from professionals done online through your computer web browser. Log in to TutorMe on the Tutoring tab of your student Brightspace account. Weekly free hours run from Monday at 12:01am to Sunday at 11:59pm.



Would you like to earn money? Become a Tutor

NBCC students who meet requirements can apply to be a peer tutor HERE.

  • Must be a strong student overall academically
  • Able to submit a letter of recommendation from your NBCC instructor
  • College/University GPA (3.3) or B+ average or higher in related subjects
  • *Peer Tutors are paid $15.30 an hour.

* Important Tax information - 

- Peer tutors should verify with their tax preparer to ensure the income -if reported- is reflected as self-reported earnings as they are independent contractors. 

- Peer tutors can find revenue information on their Stripe dashboard directly. Simply set the appropriate time range to see the "Gross Volume" and "Net Volume from Sales.




Have questions?

Email to learn more about NBCC's tutoring services.


Whether you need tutoring support or are interested in becoming a peer tutor, please visit these helpful links for more information: