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Stats Canada

Using Statistics

When used correctly and accurately, statistics can help support your arguments' validity and reliability. Statistics are often most effective when they are used sparingly, but strategically. Stick to facts and figures that are relevant to your topic, and will meaningfully illustrate the extent of an issue.

In an assignment, you will need to cite any statistics you use to prove that they came from a reliable source and are not numbers that you created to prove your own point. However, you should use your own words to give the statistic context and describe why it is important and relevant to your own argument or thesis. 

How to Search Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada collects a wide variety of data from government records, surveys and the national census. You can find statistics regarding demographics, economic activity and trade, natural resources, societal and cultural information and more. 

Citing Statistical Sources

Search the Data Tables

Learn what's available on Stats Canada and create custom tables using their data tables.

Published on Aug 30, 2019

Search the Census Data Tables

The Census happens every five years and provides for the most comprehensive headcount of Canadians.

Use the Census profile tool for market research or to generate a report about the demographic profile of a place in Canada.