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Math Training

OCMT (Ontario Colleges Math Test) is an online math resource that is designed to increase your skill level through assessment and learning modules. We recommend that all students in our Business, Engineering, Health or Trades programs assess and improve their math skills with OCMT to get ready for their courses. 

Identify Skills to Improve

You will complete a carefully designed diagnostic assessment that identifies the key math skills that you need to master to be successful in your field of studies.

Gain More Knowledge

You will learn foundational skills by working through highlighted interactive math modules that are designed to provide you with feedback.

Assess your Level of Understanding

One final assessment to confirm you have learned the skills you will need to be a successful student. 


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Register or login to OCMT to get started. 

OCMT offers a technical support Help Desk to answer any questions that you may have. Reach out to us at any time at