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Finding Bricklaying Articles 

Use our Research Databases to find reliable information for your assignments. Start your research with these databases below or view all our databases.

Finding Multi-Subject Articles

Search for articles on any topic or multi-disciplinary articles in these general databases below or view all our databases.

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Articles in our Databases

Journal Articles
  • contains original research
  • written by a researcher or expert in their field
  • cites other research
  • rigorous publishing process (often peer-reviewed by experts)
  • longer and more in-depth on a particular research question
Magazine Articles
  • reports on other's research or on events
  • written for the public
  • rarely cites research
  • shorter and less in-depth
Newspaper Articles
  • reports on a specific event
  • written by a journalist for the general public
  • rarely contains in-depth discussion
Case Studies
  • an in-depth look at one person, group or event in order to understand a larger trend
  • often written by a researcher
  • contains observations in a real-life context (not a lab or controlled study)