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Navigating Technology

Brush up on your Computer Skills

No matter how familiar you are with technology, there are always new tips and tricks to help you work more efficiently with your computer. The tutorials below can help you gain new skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office's programs. You can brush up on your skills before classes start, or use them to look up instructions while working on an assignment. Check out the full tutorial or just view a specific topic.

Microsoft Word

This tutorial on Word will help you improve your skills in writing, editing and formatting documents. It includes information to help you get familiar with the basic navigation and menus. You will also learn how to add, move, cut, copy and delete text as well as how to format bullet points, text alignment, lists, columns, headers, links and more.

Microsoft Excel

Use the Excel tutorial to learn more about how to format different cells, use different number formats and work with multiple spreadsheets. It can also teach you how to use formulas and functions to calculate values quickly and easily. Additionally, you can learn how to turn your data into charts and pivot tables.

Microsoft PowerPoint

View this tutorial to find information on how to create slides for a presentation in PowerPoint. It will teach you the basics on creating and formatting slides with text and images. You can learn how to use themes to create a consistent look as well as how to work with embedded videos or add graphs and charts. PowerPoint also allows you to add your own notes to slides and to record your presentation.

More Computer Skills