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Internet Privacy: Peek-a-Boo, They See You

Did you know that your online activity is being tracked? Websites, advertisers, social media companies and government entities all use tracking "cookies'' to customize your online experience, keep you safe and generate revenue to provide you service at a lower cost.

Unfortunately, bad actors can also use tracking and hacking software to infect your system with malware and viruses, uncover your passwords, steal your information or even your identity. This data is often sold to other bad actors on the black market.

Tips to Maintain Online Privacy:

  • Use a password manager, such as Last Pass, to generate your passwords each time you are prompted.
  • Create strong passwords, using a random password generator can be very helpful.
  • Monitor your accountsHave I been Pwned is one of many sites to check if your email accounts have been compromised in a data breach. Warning- chances are they have!

(from "malicious software") is designed to infect systems or data, invade privacy, steal info. Includes viruses, worms, some keyloggers, spyware, adware and bots.  Source:

  • Add a track blocking browser extension your browser has downloadable add-in tools to keep your browsing private.
  • Subscribe to a Virtual Private Network VPN providers keep internet traffic and your location hidden.

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