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Money Matters

Money-Saving Tips & Tricks

As a student, there are lots of places to spend money. Use these money-saving tips to help you in your day-to-day life. 


Go to class - If you’re a college student, you’re paying for it. Skipping is like throwing money out the window!

Buy used textbooks - Get your booklist from the bookstore. Be sure to know the edition number you need before buying a used textbook.

Create a budget - Using a student budget worksheet will help you to see what your needs are where you can be flexible to have a few extras.

Track your spending - Using a budget app like MintWallyMvelopes, or Goodbudget. It is easier to make changes when you know where you're spending your money. 

Consider a roommate - Apps like PayPal allow you to schedule, divide costs and ask for money without the awkwardness.

Cook at home - Prepare big meals and divide them into containers. Bring the leftovers with you to school and heat them up. There are microwaves available at every campus.

Cut out expensive cable packages - Opt for one streaming service instead! Try Netflix or Hulu.

Rewards program - Check where you can redeem earned points/rewards to make purchases from your favourite store. 

Needs VS Wants - While it seems like a simple distinction, you would be surprised at our ability to rationalize certain spending decisions. Saving money by buying only what you need gives you more flexibility in your budget to save for something you really want.


Recommended Websites

Student Discounts

Carry your NBCC student ID with you.  Not only will you use it on campus for events but it will give you access to discounts when you go shopping. If you don't have your NBCC Photo ID - Request one online

Your Student Union office has a list of places that give discounts. 

Here are some ideas of places to ask: 

  • Grocery Stores - Often local food stores will assign one day a week for student discounts. 
  • Online Services - Always ask, you never know who will give a student discount.
  • Telecom providers - Providers will often give discounts, although not on pre-existing accounts.
  • Transportation - Ask for a discount when riding your local bus as well as travelling throughout the province.
  • Fast food restaurants - Many offer discounts, just ask.
  • Malls - Some stores within malls will give discounts, always ask. 
  • Banks - Often banks will offer no fees account to students.
  • Car Insurance - Don't forget to ask for a discount, some will offer them.
  • Do you need specific workboots or protective clothes to attend classes? Ask if you can get a student discount.